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Is this device 100% reusable?

Yes. Since UVisor does not use any filters, it is 100% reusable. There are some more tests required, but it is estimated that each device will last for at least 20,000 hours.

What if I need additional power?

The UVisor can be connected to a power bank with a USB cable for additional power.

When will I be able to buy UVisor?

Helpful is currently in the process of identifying manufacturers globally who would be interested in manufacturing UVisor. The availability of UVisor would depend on those manufacturers. It would take a manufacturer about 2-3 months to bring this to market.

How many hours does one charge last ?

This is still being estimated. It should be between 4 to 8 hours.

How much does the UVisor weigh?

The UVisor will weigh around 2.5 pounds including the batteries.

What kind of filter does UVisor use?

The UVisor is the world's first filter-less headgear (as far as we know). Instead of a filter, it uses UV to inactivate the virus.

Is the headgear airtight?

The UVisor is not air tight and does not need to be. The UVisor works on the principle of positive air pressure instead like PAPR devices.

Does it inactivate virus in outgoing air as well?

The UVisor is currently designed to inactivate inhaled air. It does not inactivate the virus in exhaled air. This could be added as a feature in future versions.

Who is this device meant for?

Potential use cases for the UVisor include: schools, senior care, retail, airlines, warehouses, supply chains, office environments, food processing, law enforcement, and certain armed forces.
These organizations have limited teleworking or social distancing options, and individuals in these settings face overwhelming health risks and potential economic losses due to COVID-19.
The UVisor may lead to better protection and compliance in these settings. In addition, the full-face visibility will allow for greater ease of communication.


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How do I clean and disinfect the UVisor?

The UVisor can be disassembled into 5 parts. 3 are plastic which can be disinfected and 2 are soft goods which can be washed in washing machine.

What about people who wear glasses?

The UVisor design accommodate most spectacles.

What sizes does the UVisor come in?

The UVisor is a 1 size fits all solution. There is adjustability on the chin for various face lengths and head cap protion for various head sizes.

What about head and facial hair?

There is no issue with most facial and head hair varriants. UVisor may be a problem if your facial hair is over 4" in length as it will bunch up in the visor.

Will others be able to hear me? Will I be able to hear others?

Yes. The fans are around 12 dBa so they will be quite silent. So the UVisor will have much much better audibility than PAPRs.

Does the closed headgear fog up?

Since there is continuous air flow, there is no fogging.

Does the closed headgear heat up?

Since there is continuous air flow, there is no heat buildup.

How long do the UV Lamps last?

The UV Lamps have a life of 50,000 hours.


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Isn't UV unsafe?

UV is harmful if we are exposed to it. The UVisor design ensures the UV is concealed and does not come in contact with human eyes or skin.

Does this device produce ozone?

The UVisor does not produce any Ozone. It uses a 253.4nm wavelength UV Lamp that does not generate any ozone.

What is the airflow per minute?

The current design has an airflow of 60 liters per minute.


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What are some advantages and disadvantages of the UVisor?

Lower cost
No filter to periodically replace
No filter based contamination risk
Uses parts that are not currently in high demand
Smaller fan
Lower power requirement
Better audibility
UV Lamp lasts 50000 hrs
Only filters large particulate matter (with a fine copper mesh)
Cannot be used in situations where filtration is required
Higher breakability than PAPR

How well does this device work?

We are still doing our testing. Our initial testing at Sandia National Laboratories seems to indicate that the UVisor could possibly inactivate 99.9% of viruses like Coronavirus.

So will UVisor protect against all pathogens?

No. The UVisor was specifically designed for the current crisis. Its design could be enhanced to protect against other pathogens as well.

What is the UV Dose generated by the UVisor?

It is around 9mj/cm2.


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Is the UVisor FDA Approved?

The UVisor is a product concept and is not intended for manufacture. Helpful Devices will work with interested manufacturers who will seek the relevant approvals and bring this to market.

Is this Patented or Open Source?

This is an Open Source Project.

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